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The Story So Far

“Just scout the sector and come back,” they said. “It’ll be a milk run”, they said.

One destroyed Raven, one dead pilot, and one mild concussion later, Sergeant Norman Bennett awakens on the roof of the Braddock Arms Hotel in less than friendly territory. Suddenly, life as a Stranded doesn’t seem so bad by comparison. At least they’ll likely survive the next 24 hours.

So with no ammo, no ride home, and not a lot of patience left for the way this whole day is going, Bennett and company find themselves in yet another miserable predicament.

Somehow it’s never a milk run when Whiskey Squad’s involved.


Gears of War: Whiskey Squad is a single player level for Gears of War. It tells the story of Sergeant Norman Bennett and his attempt to escape a ruined hotel in hostile territory.

You can download the level here, or read some more detail in the Walkthrough & Design Challenges section and in the Post Mortem.

Level Stats

Play Time: 20-30 Minutes
Combat Encounters: 4
Enemies: 30
Environments: Interior & Exterior
Nachos Eaten During Development: Approx. 6000

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