Empire & State
Gameplay, Content, Systems Design

Empire & State is a combat and political strategy MMORPG, developed by Novel Studios.

  • Mission System – Designed system ideals, behavior and user interface, built pipeline for loading content from Excel into MySQL database
  • Combat System – Created NPC combat opponents, designed and balanced combat stats
  • Item Design – Created all game items, designed and balanced combat stats, authored item names and properties
  • XP Progression – Designed and wrote math for player XP progression schedules, rebalanced XP progression stats based on player behavior
  • Tutorials – Designed system ideals, wrote all content, implemented tutorials in game client using Python
  • Achievements – Designed and wrote 100 player achievements, implemented achievements in game client using Python
  • Designed user interface for HUD, Missions, Combat, Politics, and Marketplace systems
  • Wrote fiction content for missions, vehicles and equipment, NPCs, NPC factions, NPC combat opponents, weapons and armor, and planet history
  • Designed and implemented relational database schema for Missions, Tutorials, Items, Achievements and other systems, oversaw database design for engineering team

World Map
     Combat Screen

Jobs Screen     Politics Screen

Character Creation Screen