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Latest Version: 2.0

Windows Mac OS (Untested)
File Name: burdenof80proof2.0.exe
File Size: 42,610,030 bytes

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File Name: burdenof80proof2.0_mac.zip
File Size: 41,425,197 bytes

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KNOWN BUGS (For Current Version 2.0)

  • Deus Ex Shifter Mod - While Burden of 80 Proof does not alter any standard Deus Ex files (it uses all its own configuration files), some people have reported problems while playing Burden of 80 Proof with the Deus Ex Shifter Mod installed.
  • Saving the game during timed mission causes a failure, most likely due to Ion Storm's un-tested timer code.
  • In some instances, the aliens in Mission 2 do not exit the level properly (does not affect the player's final score).
  • In some instances, the girls in Mission 3 do not properly travel with the player from map to map (does not affect the player's final score).

2.0 * Added voice actor audio.
* Added numerous player hints, sign posts, notes and bug fixes to clarify missions and gameplay.
* Fixed showstopper bug after Mission 2 in Hank's shop.
* Fixed flag bug which always reported "Aliens Rescued" on final score screen as zero.
* Removed initial Doreen dialogue due to game continuity bug and missing audio issues.
* Fixed a bug which could allow player to be trapped between Ferris' office closet and burn-in room.
* Removed confusing price dialogue from Hank.
* Increased display time for final score/stats.
* Adjusted robot decorations so HUD crosshair reports them as neutral, instead of friendly/enemy.
* Fixed numerous typos.
1.01 * Fixed office blocking brush problem
1.0 * Added several major new game play additions and enhancements
* Fixed horrific transparent menu bug
* Added several hints, notes, signposts, etc. to clarify objectives and streamline gameplay
* Upgraded installer program to a more modern UI
* Added various decorations to levels
* Added beta testers to credits
* Fixed missing InfoLink photos bug
* Fixed bug which sometimes prevented initial goals from appearing
* Added error message for people who launch Burden.exe instead of using Windows Start Menu shortcut
* Fixed maze display issue for newer nVidia cards
* Fixed conversation spill-over bug at 640x480 resolution
* Adjusted some dialogue and fixed some typos
* Added Burden of 80 Proof URL to Windows Start Menu * Fixed incorrect Ferris login
* Fixed bug which failed to give the player Frank's items in Mission 3
* Removed player-accessible debugging button from office
* Added note in final Frank conversation * Fixed missing 'TITAN' file for Game of the Year Edition players * Fixed missing class in mini mall
* Fixed bug which failed to give Image Vault image
* Fixed bug which failed to give beer * Fixed 'no CaroneElevatorSet' showstopper
0.9 * First Release

This Python script converts your ConEdit export into screenplay format. You will need to have Python installed on your system to use it. Here's how it works:

1) If you haven't already, download and install Python. Make sure your new Python installation directory is in your Windows Path, so you can run Python scripts from any directory.
2) Create your ConEdit file, adding all dialogue, flags, triggers, etc.
3) In ConEdit, go to File > Export... and choose to export dialogue. Check the box marked 'Export Comments'.
4) From a Windows command prompt, navigate to the directory where you saved your export file. Type:
formatter.py YourExportFile.txt NameOfNewFile.txt "YourProtagonistName"

Some notes on usage:

  • The optional argument "YourProtagonistName" will replace the default name "JCDENTON" with the name of the player character in your mod.

    So, for instance, to convert the ConEdit file for Burden of 80 Proof to screenplay format, I would type:
    formatter.py Mission80.txt BurdenScreenplay.txt "PETER KENT"

  • It helps to place comments into your ConEdit file the same way you'd place scene headings, descriptions, etc. into a screenplay, as notes for yourself and your actors.

Get the script here.