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Post Mortem
Post Mortem


The game doesn't start! I choose 'New Game' from the menu, and choose a character, but the game dumps me back the title screen. What's going on?
You MUST start Burden of 80 Proof from the Windows Start Menu icon. Simply launching Burden.exe from the \DeusEx\System folder will not work, because Burden.exe requires special parameters to be passed to it (which are included in the Start menu shortcut).
NOTE: When run properly, Burden of 80 Proof has no Deus Ex-style 'Character/Skill Points' screen at the start, as it is irrelevant to the game.

I think I found a bug in this game. What's going on?
Check the list of known bugs.


Does Burden of 80 Proof take place in the Deus Ex universe?
No. The story is set in its own world (much like ours), in the near future.

Does Burden of 80 Proof require special software to install, like a mod loader?
Nope, it comes with its own executable installer, like any other Windows program. Just download, install, and play.

What about Mac & Linux users?
There's hasn't been time to finish releases for other platforms besides Windows. Volunteers are welcome to contribute. Also, I don't own any Mac hardware, so Mac support would almost definitely have to come from someone else.

What are the system requirements for running Burden of 80 Proof?
If you've played Deus Ex (and by this point, you really should have), then you should have no problems running Burden of 80 Proof.

Nevertheless, here are the relevant specs for Deus Ex, straight off the box:
Minimum requirements:
300 MHz Pentium II or equlivalent
Windows 95/98
DirectX 7.0a compliant 3D accelerated video card
Direct X 7.0a compliant sound card
Direct X 7.0a or higher (included)
Keyboard and Mouse
Recommmended Requirements:
AMD Athlon or Intel Pentium III processor
128 MB RAM
3d Accelerator with 16 MB RAM
EAX or A3D compliant sound card
How long did Burden of 80 Proof take to create?
Version 1.0 took about 15 months from start to finish, with some work happening mostly every day. After that I got distracted by a bunch of real-world responsibilities, so bug fixes and ehancements took place over the subsequent 2.5 years. Most of that time was spent casting and recording the 17 voice actors, and editing the recording sessions down to the final takes.